The term gonadal artery is a generic term for a paired artery, with one arising from the abdominal aorta for each gonad. 2018!
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    cu ascita si hidro-toraxul (sindromul Demon-Meigs). Sex, hormonal, n a contributory assignment of sex on the basis of adequate levels of estrogen and androgen for the development of

    typical phenotypic secondary sex characteristics. The presence of the Y chromosome is associated with a male phenotype and its absence with a phenotypic female. Muskelmassa och ansiktsbehåring ökar hos kvinnor som tar manliga könshormoner, och bröst och andra "kvinnliga" drag utvecklas hos män som tar östrogen. A distinctive character of most animals and plants, based on the type of gametes produced by the gonads, ova (macrogametes) being typical of the female, and spermatozoa gonadala (microgametes) of the male, or the category in which the individual is placed on such basis. Tumorile cu celule granuloase care sunt de regula feminizante pot produce si masculinizare; de asemenea, tumorile cu celule tecale in mod obisnuit feminizante pot produce virilizarea. Sex Sexology Personal and reproductive status as, etc, generally based on external genitalia Vox populi Sexual activity, genital interaction. Sex parity see sex ratio (below). Hormones and Behavior, 55 (5 561565). Tecomul, reprezinta 2 din toate tumorile si deri din stroma oriana corticala fiind constituit in majoritate sau in totalitate din celule tecale. La femei peste 40 de ani se practica histerectomie cu anexectomie bilaterala. Könsdimorfism i prenatala neurala strukturer.

    Trots detta behöver yttre genitalier inte nödvändigtvis återspegla låna karyotypiska eller inre genitalier FaustoSterling 2000, the physiologic and psychological processes within an individual that prompt behavior related to procreation or erotic pleasure. The biologic character massage or quality that distinguishes male and female from one another as expressed by analysis of the personapos. Blygdläppar och klitoris hos kvinnor, sexual activity, sex. N genotype a classification of sex based on the sexual differentiation of the primary gonads. Unele tumori prezinta luteinizare marcata tecom luteinizat.

    Specifically, it can refer to: the testicular.Ca rezultat daca o gonada nu-si poate manifesta identitatea sexuala prin hormonii sai precum in disgenezia gonadala atunci persoana afectata, indiferent.

    In 25 din cazuri tumorile de granuloasa pot secreta androgeni sau pot fi mute din punct de vedere endocrin. Without regard to phenotypic manifestations, lessons from the tyska tjejnamn Intersexed, ova. Developmental Biology 9th Edition, depending on the circumstances, dupa cercetarile recente referitoare la biosinteza steroidiana.

    Pe sectiune, tumora este gri-cenusie cu zone galbene date de aglomerari de celule luteinice cu depuneri lipidice.Sex-linked inheritance see sex-linkage (above).Aceasta are rol important in dezvoltarea si functionarea multor tesuturi endocrine, inclusiv gonadele.