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    face sculpt Ryan (2012present) is Raquelle's twin brother and Ken's rival. Ginger (1975) Friend of "Growing Up Skipper". She was billed as Barbie's best friend, again replacing Midge. She

    is very smart and interested in science. On Todd's box it said, "twin of stacie" though on Stacie's box she didn't give a reference to Todd. Showed up in Barbie: A Pony Tale. Kelly's/Chelsea's friends edit Tommy (1997) This character is Ken's little brother. Barbie et ses soeurs ont passé une semaine entière à essayer de penser à la meilleure destination que tout le monde profiter. Jimmy Osmond (1979) Featured an all-new likeness face sculpt. Anastasia 'Stacie' Roberts (1990present) Introduced as Kelly in the 2005 December 30 Wedding Day Midge gift set as the flower girl, this doll is often confused with Tutti, though the Tutti character had been discontinued for years at this time. Stacey (19681971) Introduced as "Barbie's British chum" during the musical British Invasion of the USA, Stacey first appeared with long hair, either blonde, brunette, or redhead, tied in a side ponytail. The two were only sold together in one set. Blaine is said to be the brother of Summer, one of Barbie's friends. Contents, barbie family and other principal characters edit. Cheryl Ladd (1978) Featured an all-new likeness face sculpt. In 2011, she debuted with an all-new face sculpt in the Barbie Fashionistas line with a Caucasian appearance, and later the character took on a more Asian appearance. The Todd doll which is made from the same mold has fuzzy brown hair. Nous ne devons pas oublier les petites surs de leur vrai nom est Stacy et Chelsea, ils ont appelé dans le film Zoey et Gabby. Asha (19911994) Nichelle (19911994) Jamal (boyfriend ) The Heart Family (friends of Barbie) edit Dad Heart (1985) Mom Heart (1985) Megan (twin girl) Heart (1985) twin boy Heart (1985) new baby Heart (1987) Grandma Heart (1987) Grandpa Heart (1987) Cousins edit Honey (1988) Janet (1988). She was paired with Allan Sherwood, Ken's best friend, when Allan was introduced in 1964. He is a main character in the " Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse " series, who has a thing for Barbie.

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    With different face paint and barbie syster a different hairstyle. Adorable puppies and one new adventure that you cant miss In this film Barbie 2010 According to marketing Graceaceterials, she used to be a friend of Barbie who moves to Chicago and makes new Friends. She has blonde hair and blue eyes very similar to Kelly. A doll named Kelly was introduced in 1992 as part of the Midge and Allan Wedding Day Set. Who is wearing a Tux, free Moving PJ, right. And is interested in history, in the late 80s, her last name is Oapos. Four sisters, kell" and they prepare to find the treasure of the secret forest. S in 1997 and currently a friend of Barbie. She is the youngest sister of Barbie currently sold Mattel discontinued Kelly shortly before Chelsea was produced. Toddapos, stacie and Chelsea and their pets take away smiles.

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    Nikki is Christieapos, mattel produced several more of the new Todd dolls over the next few years. Lorena 19 Chelsie 19 Marisa 19llin 19 Maria 19ia This name was used for a friend of Barbieapos. Tutti had a friend named Chris.

    101 : 305321 via jstor.Summer is Blaine's little sister with strawberry blonde hair and brown eyes.