What is Reiki
Natalia Pisetskaya 
Reiki Master Teacher 
Karuna Reiki® Master
Dear Friend!
Whether you are new to Reiki or already familiar with this healing practice, WELCOME! 

The information on this website will help you to find out more about Reiki and how it can help you to bring harmony and balance into your daily life, where health, vitality and joy become your reality. 
Reiki will help you to get to know yourself in a new way, embracing all that you are and guiding you toward fulfillment of your dreams. 

Sounds like a lot? Then it is the time to find out... There are many opportunities to experience the power of Reiki that are available to you. You may choose to take a Reiki class or schedule a Reiki treatment. There are also Reiki special events to attend. 

It is my privilege and my joy to share the gift of Reiki with you. I look forward to meeting you soon!
Peace and Blessings,